Bevi e Pensa

“Drink and Think”


Latin. transitive verb
uncover, open, disclose; explain, recount; reveal; find; excavate; lay bare, reveal, make clear.

Aperitivo is a drink, a snack, a time of day, and most importantly, a state of being. It is simultaneously a meditation on the day and a release from it. Aperitivo is the ritual of transitioning one’s self toward the better aspects of life: food, drink, thought, and friends, both old and new.

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For centuries, Italians have gathered before dinner to consume light, low potency and often bitter drinks as well as small bites. These long, bitter mixtures are said to stimulate the appetite and prepare the body for healthy digestion. This time set aside for appetite stimulation, in combination with conversation that stimulates the mind is known as Aperitivo Hour.

In order to truly participate in Aperitivo Hour, one must lay aside their day’s work and worries, put away laptops and cell phones and become present. When the Italian work day is done, it is just that. They leave their unfinished items for another time, and turn their focus instead, to creating and growing genuine connections with those close to them. The subject matter may be casual, current, or complex and emotional. But what matters most are the earnest exchanges of thought and opinion, and the willingness to receive new ideas and perspectives.

Brother Wolf was created with the intention of providing a space; a home for these very same forms of meaningful exchange. It was founded with hopes of interpersonal discoveries, new kinships forged and existing relationships made stronger through understanding. A space designed to provoke thought and bring together friends and family.

As the persistent isolation brought on by Covid-19 plagued the world, even the simplest casual exchanges that were once commonplace were nearly driven to extinction. Any person paying attention realized just how much they may have taken for granted in the “Old Earth”. Brother Wolf was born from the ashes and serves as a habitat for the social renaissance that “New Earth” may provide. May we be the catalyst for new outlooks, new art, new connections and new philosophies. All are welcome here.

In the spirit of Italian Aperitivo, please enjoy our thoughts.



Why are humans so confident in beliefs that can’t be proven?


Do you agree that art and emotion are always connected? If so, what emotion do you associate with Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work?


What is the most iconic genre of music of all time? 


(Ask your bartender or server for the correct answer. )

What has no wings but yet will fly? 



Can we have happiness without sadness? Can good exist if evil does not? Is sweet truly sweet without bitter?


Can one “get” Mark Rothko? Is his work brilliant or bullshit? Is the initial simplicity of his style dated or timeless? Is the manner in which it is frequently displayed in opposition to his intent?


Who is the greatest lyrical rapper of all time and why is it MF Doom?


(Ask your bartender or server for the correct answer. )

What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat and 2/4 goat?


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